Date du 07/03/15 à la garenne à Mirepeisset

Mirepeisset (11)
07 Mars 2015
La Garenne


1- Intro “Severn”
2- I shout to the moon
3- On the ground

4- October day
5- What's going on ?
6- Pray now
7- L'indifférence
8- Welcome in my life

9- In a world so sad
10- The man without soul
11- INTERLUDE Amnesique
12- Get up
13- Medley Bob Marley

14- I hope that will pass
15- A little bit of

16- Feel the tears of hope

17- It's a round of life
18- Why ?
19- My alarm clock 
20- It’s the only solution (Bleed me)
21- The world of Babylon

22- Tired to be crushed

23- War, blood, shoots, deat & crys
24- Dub Tears
25- INTERLUDE "Lache pas ton mic"

26- The work of the man
27- I turn around
28- My vision
29- We must deal with it
30- If you were a smile
31- La ronde de la vie
32- Je survole la vie

33- If you were a smile (feat David de Les Tapas Funkys)
34- Pray now
35- L'indifférence

36- Outro "Medina"
* Merci à la garenne de nous offrir a chaques fois de super moments et de faire vivre la scene locale, belle salle, belle scene, bonne accueil et toujours du public. Merci !!!

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